Referring a Patient to Hospice Maui

Hospice Maui works with you, the physician and encourages you to continue your relationship with the patient as you prefer.

As the primary care physician, you continue to be the patient’s doctor and to oversee patient care.  Hospice Maui’s services support you to continue your relationship with your patients, including billing for office/home visits.  Although Hospice Maui’s team will assist with the care, patients will still remain yours.

We encourage you to continue the relationship in the way you want to have it, and our Medical Director will tailor his/her involvement to the level you both find agreeable.

You can make a referral at any time.  A member of the Hospice Maui team will contact the patient to schedule a meeting.  Hospice Maui care services can begin as early as the day of the initial meeting.


Referrals Made Easy for You

Call (808) 244-5555 or Complete our Patient Referral Form

Basic Information Collected

  • Patient contact information
  • Patient diagnosis
  • Primary care physician information
  • Primary caregivers
  • Insurance details


Scheduling of Visit 

  • Hospice Maui will contact the patient’s primary physician
  • Determine the best course of care
  • Schedule an intake visit with the patient and their family


Hospice Maui’s Intake Visit

  • Answer any questions or concerns of the family
  • Explanation of the role of the patient’s hospice care team: Including the RN case manager, social workers, certified hospice aids, spiritual care coordinators, counselors, volunteers.
  • Overview of insurance coverage specific to the patient
  • Assessment (physical and current medications)
  • Symptom review
  • Arrangements for medical equipment for the patient
  • Signing of release and consent forms