Our Mission

Founded 35 years ago on Maui, we are stewards of a sacred trust: To provide the highest level of professional, ethical, culturally appropriate, and deeply compassionate, care to our diverse community.

Our Work

Providing physical comfort and emotional and spiritual support for people who are terminally ill. Supporting and assisting their families, before death and while they are grieving.

Our Purpose

To enrich our community by helping people make the most of the great gifts that preparing them for death can bring: compassion, insight, courage, humility, inspiration, confidence and growth.


The History of Hospice Maui

Founding Ladies_0641978: Elizabeth Kübler-Ross holds a workshop on Maui and people become inspired to take action.
1979: A hospice steering committee meets and Hospice Maui begins to form.
1980: The McCoy Foundation gives a $40,000 startup grant and Charlotte Kuwanoe is hired as the first Executive Director.
1981: Hospice Maui incorporates and files for IRS tax exempt status.
1986: Hospice Maui holds its first annual Fourth of July fireworks show as a fundraising event.
1988: Part-time resident, previously unknown to Hospice Maui, dies and leaves a bequest of $240,000 from her estate. This nest egg is our fiscal insurance against the inevitable ups and downs of operational uncertainties for many years to come.
1989: Maui County grants Hospice Maui a 55-year lease on a vacant 4-acre lot near Maui Memorial hospital.
1990: Charlotte Kuwanoe leaves and is replaced by Dr. Greg LaGoy.
1991: Chuck Sweeney, developer of Kea Lani in Wailea, donates its sample suite, which is then moved to Wailuku.
1991: Hospice Maui becomes Medicare Certified.
1993: We move from the old Maui News quonset hut into the newly donated building.
1995: A former volunteer leaves a large bequest, designated for “capital improvement”.
2000: A new multi-room meeting facility is finished, dedicated, and put into service.
2002: Hospice Maui begins supporting hospice services in Hana
2003: An unexpected bequest provides funds for many needed building & landscape improvements.
2004: Kaiser Permanete generously donates an office full of oak desks to Hospice Maui.
2005: Hospice Maui’s Executive Director receives an Executive MBA in Health Administration from UC, Denver.
2006: A gala event, Tropical Exotica at the Grand Wailea Resort, is held to celebrate our 25th Anniversary.
2008: Hospice Maui adopts electronic medical records.
2009: Hospice Maui hires a full time Medical Director, Dr. Nancy Long.
2010: 1st Annual Dine Out for Hospice Maui held on the second Tuesday of November, National Hospice Month.
2011: We celebrate our 30th Anniversary and formalize our relationship with Hale Makua.
2012: The number of patients and families served is twice what it was in 2009.
2014: Hospice Maui continues to make program advancements and expands it’s staff to meet the needs of Maui community.
2015: Hospice Maui Hale Groundbreaking Ceremony
2016: Hospice Maui Awarded Best Places to Work 2016
2016: Hospice Maui Hale opens in December
2017: Hospice Maui receives 2017 HOSPICE HONORS Award










What does not show up in our bullet-point list, is the legacy of passion, compassion, and caring left by the hearts and hands of those who formed and staffed and volunteered for all these years.