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OPENING BLESSING Ceremony for Hospice Maui Hale on December 1, 2016


Kumu Kapono Kamaunu and Kimokeo Kapahulehua blessed Hospice Maui Hale during the facility’s grand opening. Our five-bedroom, 4,500-square-foot facility will provide comfort and care for patients living out their final days.


“This facility stands as a beaconimg_2292  at the top of this hill,” Maui County Managing Director Keith Regan said. “It is a place where people can come to receive respite, to receive care, to receive compassion. The volunteers and people that make up this facility – this is what they live and breathe every single day.”


“We’re really grateful for the support from the Maui community to bringing this to fruition,” Hospice Maui Executive Director Dr. Greg LaGoy said. The $1.5 million Hospice Maui Hale features a kitchen, a living and dining room, and laundry and storage rooms. The building boasts seven bathrooms, including three private bathrooms that open into a small enclosed outdoor area with flowers and greenery that add a “sense of beauty,” LaGoy said.

“Sometimes going home isn’t possible,” he said. “Reasons include symptoms that are too difficult to be controlled in a home setting without doctors or nurses nearby; the caregiving family members in the home are not up to the task or there aren’t family members in the home and they live alone; or they don’t have an adequate home setting, like those who live in their car.”

“It’s only for the very sickest. Oftentimes, this would be where people will spend time who might otherwise die at the hospital.”

A major difference between hospital care and hospice care is the spiritual component, LaGoy said. In a hospital, spiritual support is handled only by trained staff or chaplains. All staff at the hospice are equipped and trained to provide support for patients.

“Every nurse, every social worker and every doctor are well trained to be comfortable having conversations with people, families and patients who are very ill. In most health care settings, those conversations are only reserved for certain people and other people don’t want to have those conversations.”

GROUNDBREAKING Ceremony for Hospice Maui Hale on May 21, 2015
MauiHospice-Photo-Aubrey-Hord_022Hospice Maui held a ceremony and broke ground on its 5-bed Hospice Hale, which will sit atop the hill at the end of Mahalani Street above the hospital.  The ceremony, which was conducted by Kimokeo Kapahuleua, consisted of five individuals who represented the major stakeholders in the project:  Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa who was selected to represent public grantors, including the County of Maui, who holds the lease on the land where the project will be sited and who granted funds, and the State of Hawaii, who also granted funds for the project; Philanthropists and project benefactors Dorvin and Betty Leis who were selected to represent the many private contributors; Major grant funder Clarence T. C. Ching Foundation’s Executive Director Tertia Freas who was selected to represent foundation and corporate funders; Board vice president Brian Yano who was selected to represent the committed volunteer Board of Directors of Hospice Maui; and Executive Director Dr. Greg LaGoy, who represented the staff and volunteers whose care is at the center of Hospice Maui’s mission.

MauiHospice-Photo-Aubrey-Hord_088After the formal ceremony, attendees were addressed by each of these individuals, as well as by Senator Mazie Hirono via letter that was read aloud, by volunteer and former staff member Dr. Nalani Archibeque, and by Medical Director Dr. Nancy Long.  Notable among over one hundred attendees were the founding Executive Director of Hospice Maui, Charlotte Kuwanoe, founding board member and early staff member, Susan G. Brown, and founding board member Jim Worley.  Numerous past and present staff were also in attendance.

The 5-bed hospice residence, which will be available to all residents of Maui County, will be a place where patients in their last days or weeks of life will receive our specialized care to meet their medical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs.

 “After years of preparation and fundraising, we are breaking ground to build our Hospice Hale here on the top of our hill, with some of the most beautiful views on this island.  We are deeply appreciative of the support we have received throughout this process, and look forward to the expanded service that this will allow us to provide.”  Dr. Greg LaGoy, CEO of Hospice Maui since 1990

 “As a member of Hospice Maui’s board of directors since 2003, I am proud to have worked with many others to have helped bring this very needed project to fruition. It has been a long process, but it provides a service that will positively affect the lives of many. “  Dr. Donna McClearly, past president and current board member.



We are grateful to the many contributors, who have made this building project possible, including:


Anonymous Family Foundation (2)

Anonymous Individual

Bendon Family Foundation

Clarence T.C. Ching Foundation

County of Maui

Erdman Family Fund

Gartner Family

Harold K.L. Castle Foundation

Leis Family

Mary Sanford

State of Hawaii

and many others!

Mahalo for every single donation! Every gift counts!

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