Hospice Maui enriches Maui Community

  • by investing in relationships with other healthcare professionals and organizations to better serve those who are seriously ill.
  • by providing education and in-service training on topics surrounding caregiver resources, healthcare decision making, grief and loss, and end-of-life care issues.
  • by engaging community members at our information booths at health fairs and other community events
  • by establishing trust  and collaboration over a 35-year relationship with Maui’s community.

HOSPICE MAUI’S TEAM IS AVAILABLE TO PROVIDE TALKS AND OR TRAINING ON: Palliative Care; Advanced Care Directives; Health of our Aging Population; Caregiving; Hospice Care, Grief, and Care for the Dying, Dignity and Quality of Life.

For more information on speakers for your business or organization, call us at 244-5555 or email us a request at hospice@maui.net. Please include event, topic, and dates.













A Letter of Thanks “A simple “thank you” seems insufficient to express our deep appreciation and gratitude for all of the caring and loving shown to us during the very difficult time our family experienced for the last few months of my husband’s life. It would have been almost impossible to have given him the proper care with the Hospice Maui nurses and other personnel who daily helped us look after him. Because his brain was damaged from a stroke, he wasn’t quite sure who these very helpful people were, but he seemed to know, intuitively, that they were here to help him. We will be forever grateful that he was able to spend the last several months of his life in his own bed, at home, and eventually die there in peace. Thanks to all of you who made this possible, providing physical, mental, and spiritual care. Hospice Maui appears to be an outstanding organization. We truly thank you all for everything you did for us.”
Mrs. Brenda Beck
“Dear Hospice Maui, thank you for the help we received recently. Our hospice nurse and her team did a wonderful job. My husband’s wish was to avoid admission to the hospital or nursing home, he wanted to stay home. You made it all possible and carried out his wishes with the greatest of care. Our sincere appreciation. ”
Mrs. M and Family, 6/10/14,